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"The lesson was very structured, which is what I was looking for. Dorothée gives you a basic understanding of grammar, while feeding you vocabulary along the way. I was eventually tasked to create sentences on my own and give free response. Challenging, though very helpful. I would definitely recommend. Merci ! "

Romual - Germany -March 2017


"Had a wonderful experience ! Great teacher ! "

Laura - Italy - March 2017


"The qualities that come to mind first when it comes to define Dorothée's teaching are enthusiasm and dedication. Dorothée puts a lot of energy in her work. She always has a smile for her students and coworkers. She is well organized, punctual, detail oriented and gives individual attention to her students. It was a pleasure to be working with Dorothée and she is welcome to teach again at The French Class any time."
Dominique -  USA - January 2017
"Dorothée has taught French to our ten-year-old daughter both in-person and via web-based classes for several months. My initial and sustained impression is that Dorothée is very professional, well organized, and committed to her students. But more important than her business acumen and her high level of service, she is effective. Our daughter has improved with knowledge and skills that she can build upon. The lessons are solid and form foundations for speaking well, writing effectively, and reading and listening with high comprehension, Dorothée has a great nature with children: she is fun, respectful, and demanding in the right way. I recommend Dorothée for students of any level, both adults and children, and I look forward to continued work with her."
David - USA - December 2016
"I have known been a student of Dorothée Wigdorowicz of My French Course since moving to Paris for several months and I cannot speak more highly of her. She has taken a novice French speaker and in a very short time, given me the ability to navigate Paris in everyday situations. I am much more confident in speaking French independently and interacting with Parisians and am thrilled when they actually understand me!  
Dorothée is a naturally gifted teacher and passionate about developing her students. When we first met, I explained my desire to learn conversational French and she designed a curriculum perfectly suited to my needs.  She of course has technical knowledge of the French language but also the ability to share that knowledge with her students.  She is extremely patient and flexible in her teaching style. While professionally talented, Dorothée is also personally warm and friendly and it’s a pleasure to attend class!  
I love that My French Course offers numerous ways to learn. In person, via Skype, personal lessons or in groups.  
Classes can be tailored to your own needs and desires and your pace of understanding.
I’m so pleased with the amount progress I’ve made under Dorothée’s tutelage in a short amount of time, I am continuing my studies even after I leave Paris. I am confident that with My French Course’s help, I will be a much better French speaker when I come back – and I can’t wait!  Merci Dorothée"

Grace – USA – December 2016


"I had the pleasure to work with Dorothee for 6 months. She is passionate about what she does and manages to pass on her enthousiasm to her students and stimulate their desire to learn. Very sociable and open-minded, she is also well organized."

Alice – France – November 2016


"I am writing to thank you for your invaluable assistance in improving my written and oral knowledge of French. The one on one tutorials I had with you have significantly assisted me in my personal and professional daily life.

As an American mother living and working in Paris (in the banking sector) I am testimony to the fact that with hard work and a dedicated professor you can become proficient in French in a short period of time.

Your teaching methodology and adaptation to the student' needs impressed me immensely!

I wish you continued success in your endeavors and thoroughly recommend your services to others working and living in a French speaking environment. In fact, thanks to you I have fulfilled one of the more stringent requirements to obtain French citizenship - satisfactory proficiency in the French language."

Nicole – USA – September 2016


"Dorothée is an engaging and effective teacher. I looked forward to our sessions together (meeting via Skype was so convenient), as I could feel my confidence and knowledge growing each week. The exercises, homework and discussions felt personalized and appropriate for my skill level and interests. I highly recommend Dorothée and My French Course !"

Ginger – USA – September 2016


"Pétillante d'énergie positive, dynamique et très compétente."

Mohamed  – Morocco – August 2016


"Dorothée était mon professeur quand j'étais à Paris. Elle était toujours patiente et attentionnée et a fait de son mieux pour donner un message clair. Je recommande Dorothée comme l'un des meilleurs professeurs que j'ai eu."

Juan Manuel – Colombia – July 2016